About Us

Take The L Media is a Podcasting Network founded by Spencer Legred and Jack Linnehan. The two met at The George Washington University in 2013 when they were both put on the same sports talk radio show. 4 years of that later, they decided to continue talking sports and everything else by creating podcasts after graduating. 

Thus, Take The L Media was born. They're the guys who can do both. Like sports? Maybe you're looking for some politics? Or perhaps the latest pop-culture gossip? Check out the Barn Burner podcast for all the hot, cold, and lukewarm takes on what's happening in the wide world of sports-ball and everything else. Spencer and Jack are your guys who can do both. They also write a daily Rundown detailing what's been happening and what they're looking forward to. 

Want to yell at us? Give us a shout on Twitter @TakeTheLMedia, or send us a message down below. We love to be told we're wrong



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