The Rundown 6/19

Welcome! This will be the go to for the week in sports and everything else. Yeah, you can hear us talk about it on the podcasts, but Spencer likes seeing stuff on paper, so here goes nothing.


- Koepka wins US Open at Erin Hills in Wisconsin with a -16 for the weekend, tying a US Open record. This is particularly funny because Kevin Na complained about the fescue, they cut the fescue, and then McIlroy complained about cutting the fescue, because what is golf if it is not stocked with "156 of the world's best [WHINERS]."

- The Red Sox tied the Yankees for first place in the AL East for the first time since opening day. Meanwhile Aaron Judge is still trying to do his best Babe Ruth impression without it turning into a Barry Bonds impression (I'm skeptical about the cleanliness of his dingers, but I also may just hate the Yankees, time will tell).

- Protected lists came out from the NHL for the expansion draft, ESPN proceeded to ask people on Twitter to use their tweets to make a create your own adventure story because they forgot that they fired everyone, Charles Barkley will be anchoring coverage from a van down by the river.

- A blockbuster NBA trade happened, and people thought they liked it and then they didn't, Danny Ainge is trying to convince everyone that they will be drafting the same person as they would have earlier, and Markelle Fultz won 5 of his final 26 games, including losing 13 straight to close and really put an exclamation point on why he should(n't) be the #1 pick. Spencer don't like him at 1 if you were curious, Jack's tired of getting his hopes up for a normal draft.



Not really a whole lot, I think some college baseball stuff is happening, Monday MLB ballgames and what not too. This is a busy week, take a breath from the fun and watch the Bachellorette, because if the ridiculous stuff that happened in Bachelor in Paradise can happen, this franchise could push the Donald to be the second weirdest thing on TV second to the Russia Hearings because the 2017 Saturday Night Massacre hasn't happened yet, fingers crossed.


- New NHL sweaters from Adidas only because Under Armour and Nike couldn't find the channel the NHL Finals were on to see what the uniforms looked like.

- In the NBA, there will be rumors about Tom Thibodeau acquiring a former player in a trade with the Wolves #7 pick, oh yes, and Ricky Rubio will be mentioned. BREAKING: Nothing will actually happen.

- In the MLB Toronto and Texas meet up next in the "Two teams that we thought would be a playoff preview but instead are fighting to get to .500 series."

- In the NFL, sadly there are no "activities" (practices) but fortunately we don't need to hear Joe Buck talk about it.

- America's Got Talent is on, and one of these times something genuinely interesting will happen, might as well gamble on Tuesday, because one can only watch so much CNN (maybe, I watch a lot).


- NHL Expansion Draft Day! Hopefully people watch, but more importantly, the Vegas pro sports experiment will officially begin, and the effort to lobby the U.S. to allow sports betting will begin, with Adam Silver on board as well, look for some really chatter to begin, once Goodell gives in, look for states to possibly start making moves. New Jersey may be first.

- Hot NBA Take, Paul George will end the day in either Cleveland, Los Angeles, or shockingly, Minneapolis (I got a weird feeling, but it'll only be the Wolves if a new deal is negotiated). Look for max money wherever he ends up.

- "To Tell The Truth" is on ABC at 9, and while I can be susceptible to the nostalgia factor of these shows, this one is genuinely hilarious and Anthony Anderson is GOLD in this, possibly as good as Alec Baldwin and "Match Game."


- It's NBA Draft Day in America, will Markelle Fultz end up with the likes of Karl Anthony Towns and Tim Duncan? Or will he be the next Anthony Bennett? My money is on the latter. Only time will tell. For now at least David Kahn is no longer in charge of the Wolves draft. And for the love of God, enough with the trades!

- The Cubs start a 4 game set against the Marlins, look for the Cubs to use the soft underbelly of the NL East as a springboard and begin to climb, they're much better than they appear right now.

- There's probably going to be some story that breaks from CNN/Washington Post/NY Times today, they've come to like Thursdays. It's a good TV ratings night, so look for Jake Tapper or Jim Sciutto at 11PM EDT on CNN.


- NHL Entry Draft, the funkiest of all the drafts, the top 4-5 guys will probably show up late next year, the rest not for 2-4 year, weird split. Don't really have any names to watch, but look for the number of college draftees to creep higher and higher, becoming much more popular.

- Can't wait to read all the "Grading the NBA Draft articles." But I don't need them because I can already predict the winners, if Isaac and Monk fall below #5, whoever takes them will be winners.


- The Rockies are at the Dodgers and something called Tyler Chatwood is up against Clayton Kershawn. This series could have some big implications in what's a jumbled division. It's not televised nationally yet, it may end up on FOX, but it'll probably be worth following on Twitter nonetheless.

- This is now officially the sports dead zone.

- M*A*S*H is on like back to back to back to infinity on Sundance, so in the off chance your cable provider has that in a real package, congrats, we're happy for you.


- Almost a week out this game looks wildly important, how it looks on the day of could be another, but the Twins wrap up their last series with the Indians in over a month. Santana versus Tomlin is less than appointment television but it will go a long way in determining a question that no one would think would be asked this late in the season, are the Twins buyers or sellers at the deadline?

- Interesting to see how Megyn Kelly recovers ratings wise from the Alex Jones Interview. The conspiracy peddler only garnered 3.5 million viewers, but got strong reviews on the part of Kelly after the fact in what was truly a bizzare concept all together. After her program escape to a world where the evil genius is actually effective in Despicable Me on NBC as well immediately following Kelly.


This is built to be the kind of week that has a few news stories snow ball and then fall victim to real life continuing on. Stay vigilant, and keep watching for the GOP Health Care, if you see it, call your local Congressperson, because I know most members are looking for it too.

Thanks for reading everyone, come back next week, and tune into Barn Burner, High-Noon Tea, and First Impressions!

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