Nightcap 4/6

Hi All, 

Glad you're here. This is going to be a nightly column I'll send out to recap the day. Some days it will be longer than others, but it will be a quick trip through the day. Oh, and yes, this will start with the "And Everything Else" and eventually get to the sports. It will also cater to our fans in Minnesota and around the US. 

In the Cornfields

Tim Pawlenty is back, it's my job to beat him eventually. Stay tuned. 

It's April and more snow is on the way. No, I do not know why.

The Wolves make my blood pressure rise. And the Western Conference is a MESS. Way too many teams close together, we address this in the podcast that will come out sometime tomorrow or Sunday. Moral of the story is be ready for what could be an incredible playoffs if a couple of upsets happen. 

Really impressed by the Predators winning the President's Trophy, hot take here, but Nashville's gonna have some success across sports for the next couple years.

In the Acela Corridor

Our dear leader Donald is at it again. For those that had Scott Pruitt in the office pools about who was getting voted off the island today, I'm sorry to disappoint, but it appears that we have another week of corruption in the agency that was the pride of Richard Nixon.

Not the most timely - but it will be soon - the Supreme Court will be ruling on Christie vs. NCAA which will legalize sports betting. Yes, I did use the phrase "will legalize" very deliberately. Any time the phrase grandfather clause is applicable you're on shaky ground, then you throw in the fact that the law literally contradicts the 10th Amendment in one of the very few BIG situations where the 10th Amendment is applicable. Yeah, I'm personally just shocked it took this long. 

The Cherry Blossoms are blossoming and I miss brunch. 

West Coast *est Coast

Bigly winning in Seattle. Allow me to read too much into something but American Airlines just canceled an order for 22 Airbus A350s, and ordered 47 Boeing 787s. This is important, but not the way Trump would want you to think it is. The Airbus deal goes back to US Airways pre-American merger, but it is still worth approximately $12 Billion in business to Boeing sticker price. This is about more than "buying American." This is about expansion and continued health in the airline industry. The weird extrapolation that can be made from this is that the conglomerates work. Whether right or wrong for the consumer, from a business perspective, mergers and buyouts are sustainable in an increasingly crowded world. Keep this in mind while eyeing the Disney-21st Century Fox buyout and the AT&T-Time Warner merger. The best news for Boeing? There's an "option" in the contract for American to buy another 28 787 Dreamliners.

Seattle needs a winter sport. Give the podcast a listen this weekend on how Jack and I would re-align the NHL with a 32nd team.

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