Nightcap 4/7

Hi All,

I hope you all had a lovely day. I know I did, I had a quick trip to Wisconsin to enjoy some of the finest cheese curds I've ever had at a place called Bobtown Brewery. Followed by catching a showing of the film "Chappaquiddick" which was definitely something else, not bad, just a fascinating look at a really weird week in American history.

In the Cornfields

Speaking of corn, I wanted to say a quick note about our new trade war with China. This will have wide-spreading consequences that have the ability to reset the current economic political climate in Minnesota. Make no mistake, the steel tariffs are good for iron producing areas like Range in the short term. The pork tariffs are bad for producers of corn and soybeans like in southern Minnesota. These actions run contrary to the current political leaning of those regions and the President. Time will tell if this "betrayal" has long lasting consequences.

The Wild have had a good run, I think they will flop in the playoffs without Suter. There is some nice young talent that has gotten to see some meaningful minutes, but I still can't help but feel disappointed. When only reaching the playoffs just won't do, it's important to obtain top-shelf help in the midst of a run. Take a look at the Blackhawks and how their sacrificial year this season will allow them to get a real stud in the upcoming draft.

In the Acela Corridor

Trump Tower caught on fire today and it would have been really funny had one person not lost their life tragically. At the end of the day, there's a reason that the idea of Trump not even being able to burn documents effectively is so believable.

The continued unraveling of Scott Pruitt underlines what many have believed Mueller has been focusing on the entire time, not collusion, but rather corruption. When viewed through that lens, the picture comes into more focus, but more importantly it really makes you want to find the heart of all of Trump's business interests. Remember what Mark Felt, aka Deep Throat, said to Bob Woodward, "Follow the money."

I love Bryce Harper, he's like 78% going to be on the Yankees next year, but until then, man do I want to "Make Baseball Fun Again."

The Rio Grande Report

The National Guard has been sent to the border. The problem with this is that very few are accurately framing this. I personally do not like the idea of stationing troops on the border, but during the Bush and Obama administration Nat'l Guard troops were deployed to the border as well. At the end of the day it's only a problem if the other actors respond. Fortunately for us and Trump, his bluff has not been called yet.

I can't wait to see if Kawhi Leonard is moved in the off season. I just have a hard time believing that Greg Popovich would put up with this.

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