Vikings Mock Draft #1

So, confession to all you out there. I love the NFL Draft, like way too much. But I really enjoy the scouting and the projection. And with Fanspeak making the whole mock draft fad so darn easy, you really just have to take advantage of the fun.

I tried to be the best Rick Spielman I could be and I ended up with 12 draft picks. At one point I was going to try to trade a couple away, but I got cocky and I liked how the 5th round was falling to me.

Highlights and pivotal moments of the draft.

Billy Price in the first at #30 just made too much sense, he was always coming to MN so I don't know why I would change it now

Dallas Goedert with my second rounder was something I was watching out for, originally I was attempting to trade out of 30 in the first and second, and get Cleveland's 33rd and 36th picks with a little extra on my part. Fortunately Cleveland didn't bite and I was able to get Goedert with a little footwork and getting to #27.

I really like my fourth round. Shaquem Griffin is a fan favorite, and at #120 he has so much drive I wanted him on a team contending for a Super Bowl. And sneaking in Royce Freeman at #132 is a fun pickup as well, he doesn't have the talent of many of the premier backs in this draft, but he does have some great tape from Oregon that should end up with him drafted in the 4th rd (or so).

So, the fifth round is where I went all Rick Spielman on this and collected five picks in the fifth round. With #151 and #154 I went with Poona Ford and Holton Hill, these guys have talent, and they've been tested by a big time program in the Longhorns, even if they didn't win all thatg much. At #158, I took Jordan Whitehead, a safety out of Pittsburgh with serious upside. Followed by Riley Ferguson (the good QB from Memphis) at #167. This is also fun because I snuck out with certified future Patriots receiver Braxton Berrios at #170, a WR I have been eyeing all draft.

In the sixth I got Scott Quessenberry a guard out of UCLA. I'll be honest, I know nothing about him. But I do trust UCLA to a degree because of Kendricks and Barr and and we need interior talent.

The seventh was just plain old fun. I took former Maple Grove, current South Dakota St standout receiver Jake Wieneke at #225 and K.J. Malone out of LSU at #249 (he's a true upside play).

That concludes Mock Draft #1 and I paid $9.95 on Fanspeak so you better believe I'll be posting a few of these.

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