Nightcap 4/10

A few days ago, the Humboldt Broncos juniors hockey team bus was t-boned by a semi, and 15 young men are dead, along with 14 more injured, at least one paralyzed.

This is tragic on so many levels.

I have been touched by the outpouring of support internationally for these young men and their families. One specific campaign is related to families all across the country leaving their sticks out at night on their front porch. Look at #putyoursticksout on twitter and prepare to ball your eyes out like me. It all revolves around the idea that somewhere, wherever those kids are, they just might need them.

I love the unity of it all, I love the compassion and sympathy demonstrated by these families. I also like the idea of memories being carried on by communities. People we all come across every day, have lasting impacts. As a community, it's our job to celebrate those impacts, and remember them when they pass away.

Someone doesn't need a to be a hero to honor their memory. So tonight, hold your family a little closer. And remember that your neighbors are doing the same.

I don't own a hockey stick, but if I did, I'd be damn sure I left it under the front porch light tonight.

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