Nightcap 4/13

On a snowy... April night?

A friend was once asked the question, "what was the best time of your life."

His response? "Right now."

Now here's my thought. Whether or not you think that this moment IS the best moment of you life, I'm beginning to think we should treat it that way.

So tonight as I write this, there is about an inch and a half of slush on the roads with three inches of snow and another eight inches on the way. And it's April. Why does that matter? Because shit is absolutely hitting the fan.

We just had an airstrike in Syria, Russia said they have a "pre-designed response," there's literally tornadoes in Arkansas (in April), Scooter Libby was pardoned, Will Ferrell was in a car crash, and Tristan Thompson is cheating. Again.

Yeah, the world's a mess.

But, Lindsay Whalen was just hired as the University of Minnesota Women's Basketball Team, the world has donated over $10 Million to the families of the Humboldt Hockey Team tragedy, Cardi B is rapping pregnant on SNL, Vermont passed gun safety laws, I'm happy, I'm healthy, and my family and friends love me.

What more really matters?

Perspective is how you thrive on a snowy April night. Thanks for joining me.

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