The Rundown 4/13

Thunder Snow

Spencer Legred

You don’t see it everyday, but today a severe thunderstorm warning was issued in the middle of a blizzard warning in Western Minnesota. While I do like to consider myself a “Junior Weatherperson™.” I will readily admit, I have no idea the convergence of weather patterns that need to occur for this to happen. What I will say, is that today is Friday the 13th.

Now I am no Friday the 13th apologist, I just know that when stuff gets weird, it gets weird. When Michael Cohen’s office gets raided, Jim Comey releases a book that all but confirms the pee tape. When there’s a tight playoff race in the NBA, 9 teams are all within 2 two games of the 3rd seed. See? When it rains, it pours. And it’s all so weird. The pace of news and excitement in this day and age is something else and there’s nothing we truly can do to keep up.

Unless we change our paradigm that is, maybe we need to start to view news like a TV show. No seriously, so in a great TV show, there are long arcs that happen and then shorter arcs that happen along the way. News, can be viewed the same way.

It’s easy, the long arcs are the ones that stretch months on end, the Russia Investigation, the NFL Draft process, the midterm elections, the totality of the Chinese Trade War. All of these are long term projects that have quick hits that happen a couple times a week. The key is to not dwell on the quick hits, hold firm to the long arc of the story.

Then, the hard part, don’t stick to the updates to the arc for too long. Let the weird hits come out, let them simmer for a day, and don’t press on them. Comey’s conversation where Trump asked him to investigate the pee tape isn’t about the pee tape. It’s about executive overreach, it’s about whether the President could be successfully blackmailed. Don’t lose the main story in the update to the arc. This way, the true point won’t be lost. The true purpose of the news won’t be lost.

Romance on Ice?

Jack Linnehan

In another weird sports story, Bruins winger Brad Marchand was up to some hijinks in Game 1 last night. Now, that’s not the weird part as Marchand is known for being a bit wild on the ice. But instead of roughing up an opponent, this time he took a rather different approach.

During a light bit of jostling, Marchand licked Toronto forward Leo Komarov on the cheek. I wrote that sentence correctly. Marchand licked Komarov. Why? Mind games, of course. The best part of all this (besides the fact that Marchand tallied a goal and assist in the 5-1 win) is that these two actually have a history! Back in November, in a similar circumstance, Marchand planted a kiss on Komarov’s cheek. The verdict? “I kind of liked it,” said Komarov.

Now the last time I checked, there’s no penalty for displaying signs of affection, so Marchand shouldn’t be hearing from the disciplinary committee. Considering his history with suspensions, that’s definitely a positive for the Bruins. All in all, this might be the most wholesome storyline to come out of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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