The Rundown 4/16

Patriot’s Day

Jack Linnehan

It’s the greatest day of the year if you’re from the Boston area: Patriot’s Day. No, this isn’t a celebration of the football team (that’s basically every day anyways). Patriot’s Day commemorates the beginning of the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Lexington and Concord (my neck of the woods).

It’s also Marathon Monday, as the Boston Marathon is run every Patriot’s Day and has been since its inception in 1897. The world’s oldest annual marathon has a rich, and tragic, history, but through and through has become a symbol of the city of Boston.

I’m thrilled to actually be able to attend this year, and despite the dreary weather the spirit of the runners and spectators won’t dwindle for a second. Today more than ever, we’re Boston Strong.

Bring it Home

Spencer Legred

I’ve always been fascinated by Patriot’s Day and Marathon Monday. I’d only really ever heard of the Boston Marathon before the bombing, and in the wake of that I’ve learned about the the remarkable background and history of Patriot’s Day and the Marathon. What makes it so unique is that it is quintessentially Boston.

Nearly all major cities have a celebration that demonstrates who they are. But Patriot’s Day has grown and evolved to be even more Boston.

Now that’s something.

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