Nightcap 4/17

Béisbol En Puerto Rico

The Indians and the Twins began their two game tilt in San Juan tonight at Hiram Bithorn Stadium. At first glance I could see why people would wonder why a teams from Minneapolis and Cleveland would be baseball ambassadors to such a vibrant baseball country like Puerto Rico. Look no further than three of the most electric young studs in the game, Jose Berrios, Edddie Rosario, and of course Francisco Lindor, all Puerto Rico natives. This is a big series for Puerto Rico, but also for baseball in general.

More and more, we are seeing the best in baseball coming from Central and South American countries, and we need to do more to celebrate these players and the cultures they come from. Watching tonight's game, even though it wasn't a great game for the Twins, was great fun. The energy that filled the stadium was infectious, and there were thousands of kids in the ballpark, chanting and singing songs. To be frank, this is what I think baseball needs to look more like to not only survive, but to thrive.

I think that these games are a huge step in the right direction for baseball's future. I think baseball shows so much promise.

It's important to remember thousands of Puerto Ricans still sit in darkness following the disastrous Hurricane Maria. In an America where so many people of color feel underrepresented, and specifically so many people in Puerto Rico feel forgotten by the United States, I think it would be powerful for Major League Baseball to lean in and invest in Puerto Rico. Yes, the next MLB Franchise should be in San Juan, and the MLB should properly invest in this team with infrastructure, jobs, tourism, and a seat at the table.

Let's take a step to make baseball more inclusive.

Baseball is America's Pastime.

It might be time to recognize that means North, Central, and South America's Pastime.

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