Panthers Mock Draft #1

The Panthers are my next foil. I enjoy the Panthers because they take unnecessary risks, and in a traditionally boring world like the NFL, that's awesome.

To shed some light on this, I love Christian McCaffrey, like he could have no yards for the next three years and I would think he was just in a slump, love Christian McCaffrey.

But nonetheless, for my 4th mock draft I went to my good friends in Charlotte, and I attempted to draft like I am a Panther, super reserved until I go of the reservation.

At #24 in the first round, I took the definition of first round upside in Marcus Davenport. This kid coming out of UT San Antonio has so much talent and I wouldn't say I'm shocked to see him at #24 but I'm definitely surprised.

Round two I did my hashtag certified Panthers pick at #55 in James Washington in reaching for an offensive player. I do like Washington in his adaptability. Most importantly with Washington, he was an absolute stud at the Senior Bowl.

Round three of the draft was unintentionally my Stanford round. Why? Well I made a trade up to 3:1, and then I gambled on getting to 3:7, which for some reason netted me 3:19 after another trade. I can't explain all this. Follow the graphic.

I traded 3:21 and 3:24 for 3:1 to the Bills because Justin Reid had dropped way too far and I wanted him to be mine, real bad. This in itself was a miscalculation. I thought that the Giants would try to take him.

However, being a cocky son-of-a-bitch that would make Han Solo proud, I decided to trade back to 3:7 when offered 3:7 and 3:35 by the Broncos.

Naturally this worked because at 3:7, #71, I took the smartest Safety in the draft in Justin Reid. He's a stud and he's better than his brother. At 3:19, #83, I took my favorite Stanford player in Harrison Phillips. Do yourself a favor and follow @horribleharry66 on Twitter. To get there I had to give up a future 3rd rounder, and I am entirely alright with the talent I'm getting.


In the 5th I took a real beefeater out of Nebrasaka. Nick Gates at #161 is fine. I am fine with Tony Brown at #191 because he's from Alabama and well, they know secondaries.

I took Sean Welsh out of Iowa, don't know who it is, but he's from Iowa so I'm sold at #234.

For my grand finale I took Quinton Flowers out of South Florida at #242. This kid absolutely, positively, probably, will make it in the NFL. I want to make sure he's a Panther. Because he's too good to hang around.

I hope you all enjoyed!

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