Nightcap 4/18

The Commonwealth of Control

Robots could (probably) win football games. That's why Bill Belichick runs the Patriots like a team of robots.

But what happens when someone decides to not be a robot?

That's what Malcolm Butler did. Not only did he not obey his commands, he fought back when attacked. And maybe, just maybe, he exposed some cracks in the facade.

Reports recently are that Brady may have for once not drank the Kool-Aid, and that he may be wanting to have the forbidden three letter word. Fun. Yes, maybe in TB12's advanced age he's ready to stand up to Bill. Or maybe not. Maybe it's nothing, but maybe, just maybe, this time it's different.

The Eagles won it all last year by amplifying and doubling down on players with personality.

What if I told you that Bill Belichick knew this? What if I told you Bill is ready, and absolutely willing to double down on this new type of player? What if I told you Josh Rosen is going to the New England Patriots and that's exactly why Brady is upset and the boat is rocked? More and more reports link Rosen to the Pats.

This is just speculation, but all I can say is that Josh would look real swell in those red throwbacks.

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