Nightcap 4/19

Let's Talk About Comey

James Comey has taught us a lot of life lessons in the last year.

If you're going to have a secret Twitter account, watch who you follow.

If you're going to testify to Congress, tell the truth.

If you're going to write a book, make sure there are enough copies printed BEFORE your press tour starts (looking at you Michael Wolff and Fire and Fury).

If you're going to meet with the President of the United States privately, keep contemporaneous notes.

Wait, that's not right. When you meet with anyone, keep notes.

Jim Comey is giving us a masterclass in how to not only stand up to a bully, but how to also leave the bully in a pile of goo. Now I don't care if you agree with Comey on all the issues, or any of the issues for that matter. Comey is doing everything he can to take down Trump, and it's choreographed more than an off Broadway performance of Wicked.

Comey's book tour ramped into overdrive today, it has involved Rachel Maddow, Steven Colbert, Jake Tapper, George Stephanopoulos, and Anderson Cooper next week. One other thing just happened to occur today, and that was the FBI delivering Comey's memos to Congress. And yes, they lasted exactly 39 minutes before they were leaked to the press. Comey has allies, and this is all designed for maximum effect.

I'm impressed with Comey's ability to strategize and coordinate with his actors in Congress and in the FBI. Comey is very much in control and it is very much Comey's world, and most members of the FBI are just living in it.

I am personally excited to watch Comey continue to take over the United States for the next few weeks.


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